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Master Your Mix

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Every vocalist deserves to use their voice to its fullest extent… especially when it can make your performances easier and more confident than ever. Enter “Master Your Mix”: the ultimate guide to finding and mastering your mixed voice. Master Your Mix is a four part deep dive into what the mixed voice is, and how to use it in your practice. Through video, audio, and visual aids, Master Your Mix walks you through the pillars of not only understanding this part of your voice, but just as importantly how to use it to the fullest extent. This course is 100% online and is there for you at your own pace. No deadlines, no one hounding you to finish by a certain date… no pressure. Master Your Mix is designed to be taken and completed at your own speed, and is available for repeat or reference at any time after your initial purchase. Master Your Mix created this for every learning level - from the “I don’t even know what mixed voice is” student to the “I work as a professional vocalist, but I’m looking for a refresher” student. There’s something for everyone!

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