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Everything you need to know about the foundations of breathing in vocal performance.

I always find myself saying to my students that 90% of the time, the problem they are experiencing when singing is due to a breathing problem, so we always find ourselves coming back to the basics.

This completely free training will walk you through the building blocks you need to have in order to have safe and powerful voice. Here's what we'll cover:

-The Parts: learning the major muscles and the function they serve to your voice

-The Practice: how to actually put these muscles into use with at home exercises

      -The Performance: ways to know if you are doing it right and where to go from here

By the end of this training you will be able to start using your breath to serve your voice and actually know how to do it well enough so you can finally eliminate the question ''am I even doing this right?

How exciting is this?! So, let's get started on creating your new confident sound-what do ya say?

See you in Bootcamp!

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